Responding to Inane Pregnancy Article

Really? Is this REALLY the best list you could come up with??


I know that I tend to rant and rave about things that other pregnant women likely suffer through quietly or don’t even see as troubling, and that’s fine. To each, her own. That’s why this is my blog and not someone else’s. I know that I’ve also alluded to the annoying culture surrounding pregnancy (and, I would imagine, parenting) by making snarky comments about the Bump app that I still use because I like a few of the entertaining bits of information that it provides; however, for more biological information, I just resort to my Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (not that I couldn’t rant about different parts of that book, too, such as the cover of the book). This post, however, is about a very specific article that arrived in my email inbox yesterday morning from the BabyCenter–to be honest, I don’t even remember signing up for this website–because I’d officially hit week 19.

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Sensory Overload

And not just olfactorily.

We’ve all heard about the superhuman ability to smell EVERYTHING that pregnant women have. Unfortunately for me, I already had that ability before getting pregnant. For example, I once detected a friend’s Altoids in a bag inside her suitcase from across my apartment when we walked in the door without knowing they were there. I walked in and said, “What’s that smell? It’s either Bengay or Altoids.” Yes, I freaked both her and John out with my bloodhound nose. Now, imagine that ability ramped up because of pregnancy hormones, and you’ll get a small glimpse at the special kind of hell I’ll be in while walking the smoldering streets of New York City in the summer. Here’s hoping I don’t have to be in the city much this summer…

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