My name is Carla María, and I’ve got a PhD in (medieval) English literature with no job lined up for next year. What I do have is a waning Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship at New York University this year and a slowly developing embryo in my uterus. And a lot of rage. SO MUCH RAGE. This blog is devoted to all the weird things I’m experiencing with this second pregnancy, hoping that it won’t end like the first, and sharing way more information about me than you probably want to know. But that’s just one more thing feeding my hormonal rage: why the hell don’t people talk about these things??? Oh, right, because women’s bodies and health care are taboo. It makes the menfolk uncomfortable. 

Well, fellas. Take a note from my husband John, who’s awesome. He can talk periods all day with the best of them, and maybe if we all talked about the weird (and often disgusting) things that happen with pregnancy, we’d be better off. It’s not all morning sickness, nor is it all happy pastel clouds of baby giggles. It’s messy and weird and, dare I say, unnatural. Yes, being pregnant feels incredibly unnatural to me. And that’s what this blog is all about–me coming to grips with being pregnant and oversharing. And raging.