Two More Months

It seems appropriate to write a new post two months after my last one when there are only two months left in this pregnancy. It’s been a busy couple of months, too.

An old nightlight that I’ve kept over the years. I also have the baby blanket my grandmamá made years before I was born and the cradle my mother used for me. I’ll post a picture of it next time.

After returning from Manchester and spending a week decompressing and writing the last post (which I actually began while still in Manchester), I’ve had all those regular doctor’s appointments, spent time with good friends to say goodbye before our move, travelled to Hawai’i for another academic conference, spent a second week in Hawai’i with John for our “babymoon,” finished packing up our house, moved to Tennessee, unpacked our lives in the new house (there are still one or two boxes of books left to deal with), travelled to Florida for our baby bash (not baby shower), hosted a close friend and her family when they evacuated Florida because of Irma, began working as a contracted Spanish translator for another close friend’s communications firm, tried to keep up with all the current online harassment of my colleagues while voicing support, written a blogpost about my experience at the conference in Hawai’i, began writing another collaborative statement with two colleagues speaking out against other junior scholars’ harassment of colleagues (which we still haven’t finished because more keeps happening so the document keeps morphing), tried to get an essay revision done for an edited collection (still not done), and falling further behind on updating my job materials. I’ve done and am currently doing a lot of this with all the other thoughts floating around my head, like changing our vehicle registration, updating mailing addresses for things, looking into birthing classes, preregistering at a hospital, wondering what else we need to get before this child tears its way out of my vagina, wondering what this house will be like during the day when John has to work after the baby is outside my body, oh good I don’t have gestational diabetes, shit now I have to check my credit reports because of this Equifax nonsense, and on and on. To make it worse, this is all happening with a rapidly debilitating case of pregnancy brain.
If you were exhausted just reading that, imagine what it feels like doing it while pregnant. The third trimester insomnia I’ve heard so much about is also trying to wriggle its way in so I’ve developed an almost nightly ritual of taking a hot bath before bed with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. Sometimes I even bathe by candlelight. Oo, fancy.

Although I don’t have gestational diabetes, which is something I was worried about because it runs in my family (as well as nongestational diabetes), I’ve still been eating pretty healthy. I’ll admit, though, that this week I’ve eaten many Krispy Kreme donuts and sugary cereals without a single ounce of regret. My blood pressure is the same as it was eight months ago (most recently 106/67), my weight is right where it should be, and the Rage Monkey is growing like a weed (okay, only a week ahead of the average but still a weed). I really like my new obstetrician, whom I found through my sister-in-law who not only has had two children here but is also a medical malpractice lawyer. And today I just ordered my FREE breast pump (because that awful Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to cover the whole cost of breast pumps as well as lactation counseling services), which makes me super satisfied (got the same one that both my sisters-in-law used and recommended–the Medela Pump in Style).

So I guess there isn’t a real “point” to this post other than to give a brief update on what’s been happening and why I’ve been quiet on here. I still have rants and strong opinions on stupid pregnancy culture things, but with all the stuff going on, it’s hard to preserve enough energy to then put those thoughts into coherent sentence and paragraph form here. I still want to talk about a horrible “dad gear” thing in a magazine I saw months ago… so I guess that’ll be the subject of my next post unless something exciting happens between now and then. Since the Rage Monkey is about 17″ long and about 4lbs right now, though, let’s hope that “something exciting” isn’t an early debut. 😬

Just so you know, the Rage Monkey decided that it was the perfect time to jostle around inside me when I was writing that last sentence, making my abdomen ripple like an alien was about to burst out of me. Still so disconcerting yet comforting at the same time: disconcerting because pregnancy is fucking weird and comforting because at least the baby is moving and therefore okay and I don’t have to worry about another miscarriage (left unspoken is always “for now”…).

On that cheery note, good night! 😂


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