Well, That Was Fun…

… said no pregnant woman ever.


This week went nothing the way it was supposed to. Starting Sunday, we were supposed to enjoy a couple of nights with our best friends from the northeast, Will and Dottie, who were making a detour to see us after attending a wedding in South Carolina. Then, the rest of the week, John and I were supposed to be super productive, what with his tax deadline on October 15 and my having an overdue essay revision and rapidly approaching application deadlines for this next academic job cycle. We were going to put away more baby clothes (thank you, Avery and Charlie!), buy the few remaining things on our baby registry, maybe finally buy myself a couple nursing bras, maybe have another date night this weekend… but other than Will and Dottie visiting, absolutely nothing went as planned or as hoped for. Except for maybe stopping the preterm labor.

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Two More Months

It seems appropriate to write a new post two months after my last one when there are only two months left in this pregnancy. It’s been a busy couple of months, too.

An old nightlight that I’ve kept over the years. I also have the baby blanket my grandmamá made years before I was born and the cradle my mother used for me. I’ll post a picture of it next time.

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