Today’s Food Diary

I’m so tired of thinking about food.


Instead of prepping for class, I thought I’d write a short list of all the food I plan on eating today because this is just crazy. My lunch bag was heavier than my work bag, which contains a myriad of things but especially my Old English notebook, textbook, grading, pen pouch, Boss headphones, and other miscellaneous things that fall to the bottom of one’s teaching bag. Like I say on the homepage of this blog, pregnancy is fucking weird.

This morning, I had a huge breakfast smoothie with Kashi protein powder–only one scoop though because I simply cannot swallow a smoothie with two big scoops (the recommended serving size) of that green fiber-protien-filled sawdust, no matter how much fruit I add to hide it. Today’s smoothie consisted of a cup of whole milk (get over it), one scoop of the protein powder, a cup of frozen strawberries, a small handful of blueberries, a small handful of raspberries, and a full banana (medium size). I drank it as I did what now takes up the vast majority of my morning routine: preparing my lunches and snacks for a day in NYC.

My lunchbag today consists of:

  • a tuna salad (white albacore tuna, mayo, green onions, and tomato) sandwich with American cheese and mustard;
  • a tuna salad sandwich with Swiss cheese (yes, it’s pasteurized) and mustard;
  • five pieces of celery (three inches long) with whipped cream cheese;
  • nine baby carrots (that’s all I had left in the fridge);
  • a banana (medium sized);
  • two Claussen dill pickles (not mini);
  • a ziploc bag of mesquite BBQ chips;
  • a green jello;
  • organic fruit twists;
  • a bottle of cranberry juice;
  • a bottle of fruit punch Gatorade;
  • and an aluminum bottle of water.

On the train into the city, I ate my “second breakfast,” which was a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with whipped cream cheese. Then I sucked on a sugar-free peppermint. Because yummy. In my “featured picture” for this post, you’ll notice some things are already missing, such as a second sandwhich because I already ate it! Oh, and the celery are already gone, too. I’m currently debating what I should eat next, what two items I should bring to class to eat while I teach, what to eat when I return from class, and what to save for my train ride home this afternoon, hoping that I don’t stay too long in the city so that I have to–gasp–buy more food. It’s a real problem, people.

I’m fairly certain I’m hypoglycemic, but pregnancy makes that feel like a piece of cake. If I don’t eat something substantial every 1.5 hours, my entire abdomen starts to scream at me, I get dizzy, I feel a bit nauseated. I’m used to feeling that bad only if I’ve gone more than 6 hours without eating anything. This is when only dairy makes me feel better. Forget the ginger ale or Gatorade or saltine crackers. Give me a milkshake or ice cream, maybe a big glass of milk or yoghurt in a pinch. Then, after the screaming ends, I can finally add some real food to my stomach. To fend this off, I eat ALL DAMN DAY. It’s annoying, and I’m sick and tired of food. Dare I say it? Right now, I hate food. *claps hands over mouth after uttering such blasphemy*

But I’m also already looking forward to eating a dinner of leftover mushroom-black olive-onion pizza from last night when I had dinner with a friend in NYC (because I stayed too late and had to buy more food).

On that note, I think I’ll go eat some pickles now. :’)

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